100%, Lausanne, Starting date: Spring 2021

Remote work possible

Scientific Visual develops and produces automated systems for quality control in synthetic crystals for industrial use. Many of such crystals exhibit birefringence: dependence of refractive index on the direction of light propagation. Beautiful “Maltese cross” rainbow patterns produced by this effect contain information on the optical indicatrix parameters, the polarisation plane rotation, and the crystal’s electro-optic coefficient.

The internship goal is to develop a software simulator of such patterns that will take into account crystal shape and incident light properties and replace instrumental measurement in real crystals.

Hard skills

  • Bachelor/Master in Applied Physics/Optics at ease with mathematics
  • Strong knowledge in optics and understanding of light propagation in solid materials
  • Python programming skills

Additional skills considered a plus

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Solution-oriented approach to real-world problems

Starting date: Spring 2021 or later. Duration: 3-6 months.

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