Internship 2022 | Software and algorithm development for crystal cutting optimization

Interested in image processing, computer vision, or tomography? Looking for an internship that entails a wide variety of tasks, a high autonomy and an opportunity to put your creativity to good use?

Join our young software engineering team and actively participate in further developing the tools to process the data generated by our in-house tomography systems.This internship will strengthen your knowledge on a variety of software topics and allow you to face new, real-world challenges.

What is it about?

Scientific Visual produces automated systems for the quality control of industrial crystals, such as sapphire, ruby, and silicon carbide, which are used in the semiconductor, watch, and medical industries.In this context, large quantities of high-definition data are collected, in particular in the form of tomographic scans (stacks of 2D images).  The scanned crystals are defined by their shape and the defects they contain. The objective of our tools is to extract and process the information useful to assess the defectiveness of a crystal. It helps to maximize the amount of high-quality LED wafers or cores that can be extracted from it. 

The company has previously developed optimization methods to provide the optimal cutting plan, maximizing crystal usage and minimizing waste, for geometric shapes such as cylinders. This internship aims to extend the project by allowing arbitrary CAD objects, such as optical lenses, to be inscribed into a defective crystal volume, considerably increasing the computational and algorithmic complexity

Hard skills

• Strong background in applied mathematics and optimization   

• Experience with optical imaging techniques is a big plus

• Capability to rapidly prototype new ideas and optimize existing code

• Fluent Python programming skills; familiarity with Git is a plus

Soft skills

• Capability to represent the company in front of customers and project partners

 • Excellent team working capabilities while able to work autonomously

 • Previous experience with processing large data

• Fluent English (written and spoken)

• Ability to socialize in French is a plus

Good to have

• German language     

• Knowledge in optics

Starting time: July 2022 or later

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