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Scientific Visual develops and produces automated Quality Control systems for inspecting industrial crystals, such as sapphire, ruby and Silicon carbide, which are used in the LED, watch and medical industries.

This project is a unique opportunity to get first-hand experience in industrial tomography systems and to contribute to the software development.

What is it about?

The scanners create a 3D model of the crystal’s outer shape, populated with small defects found inside the crystal.

The next step is to inscribe items, such as LED wafers or cores, into the crystal model and provide the optimal cutting plan, maximising crystal usage and minimising waste. In optimisation theory, such problems are referred to as packing or cutting problems. Defect positions and morphologies as well as final item costs should be taken into account. The objective of the Master Project is to develop an algorithm for optimal positioning of several CAD objects, like cylinders or optical lenses, into defective crystal volume.

This is an unique opportunity to join a dynamic and challenging environment.

Hard skills

• Strong background in applied mathematics and optimisation (minimum Master level)

• Advanced programming knowledge in Python, C++

• Experience with 3D surface shape modelling, image processing and optimisation software tools is a plus

Soft skills

• Solution-oriented approach to real-world problems

• Fluent in written and spoken English

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