Internship 2022 | Recycling of industrial organic liquids used in inspection systems

Internship / Master project proposal

Are you keen to join a company in high development phase?
Are you interested to in the Recycling?

This internship is a unique opportunity to build your knowledge in industrial organic liquids and occupational safety. This internship can be extended into a Master project.



Scientific Visual quality inspection systems use a set of organic liquids for running an automated quality control on industrial crystals. Nowadays, the used liquids are thrown away. Scientific Visual is looking to develop a system for filtering, purification and recycling of these liquids for a second use.
The objective is to :



  1. Design the purification/recycling process
  2. Find out the necessary chemical components
  3. Build the apparatus (catalyser columns, vacuum drying chambers) to complete the task.


The objective of this Internship is to help us to understand how to recycle industrial organic liquid and have guideline for safety procedures .

Required technical knowledge:

  • Chemical or environmental engineering
  • Measurement of liquid properties and knowledge in optics is a plus.

Soft Skills:

  • Ability to engage and represent our company in front major commercial SW providers or University Labs.
  • French (Intermediate) , English (Intermediate)

Starting July 2022 or later.
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