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Internship 2021 | Crystal cutting optimisation: algorithm development and coding

Are you inspired by technology and maths?

Scientific Visual develops and produces automated Quality Control systems for inspecting industrial crystals, such as sapphire, ruby and Silicon carbide, which are used in the LED, watch and medical industries.

This project is a unique opportunity to get first-hand experience in industrial tomography systems and to contribute to the software development.

What is it about?

The scanners create a 3D model of the crystal’s outer shape, populated with small defects found inside the crystal.

The next step is to inscribe items, such as LED wafers or cores, into the crystal model and provide the optimal cutting plan, maximising crystal usage and minimising waste. In optimisation theory, such problems are referred to as packing or cutting problems. Defect positions and morphologies as well as final item costs should be taken into account. The objective of the Master Project is to develop an algorithm for optimal positioning of several CAD objects, like cylinders or optical lenses, into defective crystal volume.

This is an unique opportunity to join a dynamic and challenging environment.

Hard skills

• Strong background in applied mathematics and optimisation (minimum Master level)

• Advanced programming knowledge in Python, C++

• Experience with 3D surface shape modelling, image processing and optimisation software tools is a plus

Soft skills

• Solution-oriented approach to real-world problems

• Fluent in written and spoken English

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Internship 2021: Design of software interfaces

100%, Lausanne, Starting date: Spring 2021

Remote work possible

We are looking for a a genius in ergonomics and design.

This Master Project is a unique opportunity to get the first-hand experience in designing real GUI for industrial tomography systems and to contribute to the green tech development.

Scientific Visual develops and produces   automated Quality Control systems for inspecting industrial crystals, such as sapphire, ruby and Silicon Carbide , which are used in the LED, watch, semiconductor and medical industries.   The objective of this internship is to develop a GUI design for software suite handling the inspection of industrial crystals.   The suite includes four programs, that perform various tasks – from 3D scanner control to result visualisation – and should have a consistent appearance

  What is it about?

You will:

  • Translate developer insights, user needs and high-level business requirements into user-centric designs  
  • Create graphical sketches, service blueprints, customer journey maps  
  • Ensure conformity with the brand book and consistency across different products and user interfaces Develop image processing algorithms and embedded architectural solutions for existing equipment 

Required hard Skills

  • Strong background in UX or industrial design, knowledge in ergonomics
  • Enthusiasm for design and technology
  • Eye for little details that make a big difference

Additional skills considered a plus

  • Outstanding visual and verbal communication skills in both French and English

Starting date: Spring 2021 or later. Duration: 4 months.

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Crystallography Engineer with PhD in Physics or Material Science

Scientific Visual would like to reinforce its research and innovation team. We are looking for candidates with a Ph.D. in Physics, Material Science or Engineering, willing to work in Swiss high-tech company.


We are seeking a genius engineer with research background to shape out next generation of scientific instruments. Beginning with our proprietary IP for defect analysis with tomography systems, you will be designing and building crystal scanners that cover new materials in our product line. The scanner functionalities are related to the defect visualization in crystals and optical items.

Mission / Responsibilities

  • you will be a key part of a small, highly performing product development team at our office in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • involved from the very beginning of the product life cycle, building prototypes, guiding early-stage development and building a new instrument from the ground up
  • adding new features, debugging and improving the instruments and interact regularly with our customers across the globe.

Desired Qualifications 

  • Holding a Ph.D. in physics, crystallography, material science or engineering
  • Hands-on experience in product development in a field related to instrumentation, preferably in the EU area to be familiar with business practices
  • Experience in signal acquisition in the visible and non-visible range and optics is a strong plus
  • Good knowledge of programming in Python and C/C++
  • Strong analytic and synthetic skills
  • Very good knowledge of English. French or German is a plus.

We offer you 

  • Ambitious, exciting task in a high-growth, high-performance environment
  • Permanent work contract   
  • Compensation package according to Swiss standards
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Lead Engineer | 100%, Lausanne, available now

For this full-time position based in Lausanne we are looking for French and English speaking candidate who can start as soon as possible.

Required skills

  • Background in robotics, microtechnology, knowledge of machine vision
  • Experience in managing an engineering team
  • Knowledge of 3D CAD software
  • Excellent communication and influencing skills – you will be required to manage external relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Capable of understanding concepts rapidly, handle issues pragmatically, be at ease with working within broadly defined responsibilities. We value mindset and experience over formal training.
  • English and French at high level
  • Swiss or C / B Permit

Good to have

  • German language
  • Python
  • Knowledge in optics or chemical engineering

You will

  • Supervise engineering team
  • Co-develop and engineer new products and new generations of existing products.
  • Lead the research, development and technical product support
  • Improve technical aspects of the business
  • Collaborate with outside engineering teams. You must be able to effectively communicate your design and be able to discuss technical details with the outside team members.
  • Be primary point of technical contacts for customers, suppliers and regulatory offices.
  • Work closely with software developers on software-hardware interface. This requires knowledge of the C programming language, and CAD design software such as SolidWorks.

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