Scientific Visual presented a standard for watch sapphire inspection at Swiss ISO Committee

Despite flaws being an intrinsic problem in sapphire manufacture, there are currently no international quality standards in existence to quantify the level of yield-impacting defects. This creates uncertainty for end-users who can never be sure of the quality of product they are buying or selling. The lack of internationally agreed standard creates unnecessary friction throughout the supply chain.

On June 24 Scientific Visual presented its proposal for the standard at ISO Technical Commitee in Biel/Bienne. It suggests to add the chapter devoted to internal defects inspection in synthetic sapphire to the existing ISO 14368-3 standard during revision, or create a new standard (ISO 14368-4). The proposed standard for watch industry is commensurate with the proposal for LED industry presented at SEMI committee in Shanghai, China in April 2015.

Scientific Visual’s CEO, Ivan Orlov is convinced of the need to create a global industry-wide cross-application standard for the sapphire industry. In June, after speaking the ISO committee meeting in Biel/Bienne, he explained why the issue is so important: “The current lack of standards reflects the industry’s past inability to test sapphire in an objective and repeatable way. The technology now exists on the market for cheap, fast and objective defect testing and therefore industry-wide standard can now be put in place. Scientific Visual is uniquely placed to assist the International Standards Organization (ISO) and participating partners with its development. The implementation of sapphire standards will radically improve industry-wide production and profitability. ISO Standards will benefit every company in the supply chain”.


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