Return On Investment (ROI)

calculator for SapphiroScan™

Enter costs for maximum 4 products

Cost of a blank before processing (per piece)
Processing cost (per piece)
Sale price of a processed glass (per piece)

This interactive tool estimates cost saving by SapphiroScan™ in processing sapphire watch preparages.

This model calculates the incremental margins when using the SapphiroScan to filter out the defectives watch blanks before further processing. It factors in all the SapphiroScan™ operational costs.

  1. Enter material and processing costs as well as selling prices for up to 4 products (A, B, C, D) in the columns on the left
  2. Click Calculate ROI
  3. See updated chart below the data
  4. Click on a colored bar on the chart to see its corresponding saving details

You may need to scroll down to see the plot.

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