Defect detection in sapphire ingots before wafering




SapphiroScope™ automated workstation inspects and assesses quality of pre-wafered ingots (cylinders or rectangular bricks) for LED, semiconductor and smartphone industry. SapphiroScope™ provides a 3D view of internal material defects without need for polishing or ‘opening a window’. It allows the operator to sort incoming material, optimise it for the most efficient processing method, and predict wafering yield.

What it provides

  • Automated mapping of bubbles, structures and clouds prior to wafering
  • Measurement and classification of defects, including XYZ position, size, morphology
  • Good / bad wafers indication
  • Analysis in polarised light to detect twins, lattice defects and LABs
  • 3D model of defects to share with your customers and suppliers.

A 3D model visualises the defects in sapphire cylinder or a pre-form. The user has the possibility to rotate the 3D model, scan through the core volume, zoom, visualise and measure separate defects, and indicate defective wafers .

This three-minutes video demonstrates handling of a non-polished sapphire core: rotation, zoom, defect identification and wafering by operator.

Click at the right bottom corner to open the video in full size.

What is inspected?


  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Transparent ceramics
  • LTO, LTN
  • Quartz
  • Laser crystals
  • Borosilicate glass


  • Cylinder ingots and rectangular bricks
  • 2”, 4”, 6”, 8” or customized

Key benefits

  • Automated quality inspection improves the yield of useable material
  • Early defect detection ensures only the best material enters the costly processing chain
  • Fast and objective feedback to production team
  • Measure influence of growth parameters on production quality
  • Objective, standardized and repeatable grading of the your products improves customer relations.