Yield Software

3D viewer for crystals scans created by Scientific Visual scanners. You can explore a crystal, its defects and various options for coring/wafering taking these defects into account. It allows estimating the yield of different coring solutions and quality of corresponding end products.

Yield does not require connection to a scanner. You could view scans coming from your partners or a production team on any PC.

Yield Software

Who benefits?

  • Companies growing, processing and trading industrial crystals
  • Everyone who needs to monitor the quality of crystal manufacturing with micrometre precision

Free and Pro Versions

Yield Demo is free read-only software. It has one of the coring parameters locked to a specific value(s).
We recommend you install it first to get familiar with the Yield functionality. It will be available on this page in Q1 2021.

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Yield Pro is a commercial full-featured version with the advanced coring optimisation algorithm.
Write to us at for acquiring a license.


Key Features

  • 3D Model visualisation (SVCM files)
  • 2D Scanner data visualisation (if raw SVCI scanner files are available)
  • Defect clustering with statistics
  • Defect grading
  • Simple 3D Model edition and highlighting
  • Coring & Wafering planning with user-defined parameters (limited in Demo version)
  • (Pro) Advanced yield computation
  • (Pro) Advanced metrics computation
  • (Pro) Additional Scanning metadata
  • (Pro) Generation of Certified model (coming in next release)


  • Introductory video (below)
  • User Guide (available soon)

Yield Download

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