Making the invisible visible

Automated tools for quality inspection in industrial crystals


SapphiroScan: Taking the guess work out of sapphire production

Scientific Visual supplies quality control scanners that visualize and analyse volume defects including bubbles, cracks and cloudiness in raw sapphire.

The technology is ideal for identifying imperfections in pre and post polished sapphire watch covers, ingots and non-polished wafers.

The scanner ensures that only the best quality material enters the costly processing stream. SapphiroScan™ quality control scanners are designed to be adaptable to meet customers’ needs.

Scientific Visual services three key markets: watch, semiconductor and smart phone manufactures.

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Download the brochure ”SapphiroScan™ for the watch industry

What if you could see the internal flaws in this watch cover before polishing it?

Use Left/Right Arrow keys to advance one second, Up/Down arrows to advance ten seconds.

Currently checking for defects in sapphire watch covers and wafers is done after full processing and polishing has been completed. Since around 10-15% of covers and wafers are rejected after processing due to flaws, a typical sapphire factory wastes at least half a day per week polishing discards.

The SapphiroScan™ detects flaws prior to processing ensuring that only high quality material enters the value chain. The scanner not only improves quality and it reduces production time and costs.

For customers that also wish to carry out final-stage quality control, SapphiroScan™ offers a fast, highly cost-effective alternative to manual quality control.

Unlike human inspection, the automatic SapphiroScan™ can be calibrated to perform objectively at a set standard so ensuring quick, accurate diagnostic feedback during and after production.

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