Scientific Visual

Making the invisible visible

We provide automated quality control tools in industrial crystals

Scientific Visual, a Swiss corporation, is the world leader in supplying solutions for quality control in industrial crystals.

Growing crystals requires a lot of energy, but dealing with defective crystals is not only a waste of time and money, but even worse, it damages the environment.

Currently, defects in crystal production are mostly identified after the costly slicing and polishing to transparency. In the case of sapphire production from 7 to 30% of processed crystals are rejected due to internal defects such as cracks and bubbles.

Scientific Visual scanners allow identifying and quantifying those internal defects before the crystal enters the processing chain.

It helps to remove defective crystal parts from expensive coring, cutting, and wafering stages and map events in the growth process to the quality of produced parts, making valuable feedback for the technologists.

For the first time, crystal manufacturers can establish objective, observer-independent, and traceable quality control processes that reduce production costs and streamline their supply chain.

Our equipment enables industrial crystal production to be more efficient and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.