IVWorks acquired GaN wafer business of Saint-Gobain

January 24, 2022

South Korean GaN epi-wafer startup, Intellectual Value Works (“IVWorks”) has acquired the GaN wafer business of Saint-Gobain (France).

With the acquisition of the Saint-Gobain state-of-the-art technology for mass production of 4- and 6-inch GaN wafers, IVWorks aims to expand its product portfolio to GaN-on-GaN epi-wafers for high-power application fields and compete with SiC materials in the in the electric vehicle market.

IVWorks is the sole South Korean enterprise specializing in semiconductor materials that has successfully mass-produced GaN epi-wafers of 4-, 6-, and 8-inch. It has also developed in-house the world’s first epi-wafer production technology integrated with an artificial intelligence production system. Recently, the pioneering start-up has installed a 12-inch production facility for the first time in South Korea.

Source: https://www.ivwkr.com/company/about-us/?lang=en