Scientific Visual presentation on defect detection in SiC ingots (Beijing, China)

Dr. Ivan Orlov, CEO of Scientific Visual, spoke at APCSCRM 2018 conference in Beijing on detection of quality control in non-processed industrial crystals. He demonstrated how technology developed by Scientific Visual can visualise defects in single-crystalline ingots prior to wafering. Dr. Orlov demonstrated that early-stage inspection that takes place straight after crystal growth ensures that

  • Only quality crystals enter costly processing
  • Production team receives quick feedback on defect yield, and can fine tune production process accordingly. 

Automated quality control tools by Scientific Visual accumulate defect statistics and help to establish correlations between crystal growth parameters and statistical defects patterns. It enables objective R&D and leads to yield improvements. Quality data exchange along the wafering processes enable to double the production rate at a constant cost. 

The technology is applicable to SiC, sapphire, ruby, CaF2 as well as optical glasses.

APCSCRM 2018 conference is focused on topics related to new materials (SiC, GaN, AlN, diamond, GaO, ZnO, and etc.) and also with advanced technologies of their device manufacturing and processing.

The control equipment by Scientific Visual was presented by its general partner in China, Dong Rong Electronics Co Ltd l (ink suppressed)

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